Cereal Killers
Tag: [KILL] Fans: 14 Created: 2014-05-13

Platoon Presentation

We are a platoon on like minded individuals. We will have fun, but we will also take the time to support our fellow team mate. We will follow the rules set forth here.
1. Be respectful to all members and friends of the platoon.
2. Play the objective!!!!!!!!!!
3. If you see someone waiting for a chopper or jet move on and help others.
4. Use team chat when playing in different squads.
5.You must be active at least 2 days a week. This means playing at least 2 rounds 2 days a week.
6. Check Battlelog at least 3 times a week to keep up with the changes that are happening.
7. Promote the platoon.

Platoon Requirements~
~KDR must be above .5! we will help you break 1.0 real quick
~Must use mics if you have them.
~Must follow the orders of the platoon leaders.
~No locked squads
~Do not spend all game in a chopper.
~Support all members on all maps.
~You must wear the KILL tag.
~You must get approval from all platoon members.

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