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Platoon Presentation


Hi, folks!

I need help to keep our TDM server up.
It costs 42 USD per month.
If you can help us, please donate here:


We are looking for members to join our platoon and be part of the clan. We play for fun, but you must be able to work as a team.

Join us today! Grab your weapon soldier! Our 32 slots server is up and running. Playerstats, votekick.

-membership is free!


- You are 16+
- Must have a sense of humor
- Stay active

If you think you're one of us, apply to join!

Our 32 slot server:

Server & player stats:



founder: ShepRamsey

admins: megaboloZ, Fobi3r, DELTA-F_FD, DELTA-F_Auditore, Mientus25-2, gligoslav

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