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"We are a small squad of BF3 players whose origins go back to Medal of Honor 2010, when we decided to leave our comrades and branch off for the sake of playing a more team-oriented & tactics-based game. Since then, we have fought many a clan and have many wins under our belt. We've been tested and true on SQDM and SQRush on console and continue to do so today. We've always kept our numbers small all throughout our career as not to stretch ourselves too thin, but we have decided to shrink our numbers even fewer. At most, there will be 2-4 applicants that make it into the squad. Skill level must be a bare minimum of 680-700, and there will be extensive trials for anyone wishing to participate to meet this criteria. "Rank must be at least Colonel, with *some* exceptions. Trials will last a minimum of a 3-5 days and your history as a supportive team player will be checked alongside your clan history. We will stand firm until Battlefield's last days. We are elite; we are ready; we are Born To Kill."

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