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Platoon Presentation

CreamPie United Assault is a group of creampie connoisseurs who don't fail to constantly deliver body liquids to the campers, noobtubers, bipodfags and straight out Rambo wanna-bes.

It is an ABSOLUTE must to curse out anyone in the chatbox whenever they are trying to be a complete idiot or an asshole.

An experience in creampieing is a complete MUST. We WON'T teach you how to Creampie (unless you are a girl, girls are more than urged to join our platoon).

We fully support MSG Fans #TDM server so make sure you join the official MSG platoon and play with us!

Wearing our Platoon TAG is more than appreciated!!! Not wearing them is more than Creampied! No buts... wear tags and creampie BUTTS

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