Prime Division
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Welcome to the Prime Division.
The main focus of this division is to make sure our members will enjoy and have fun as much as possible the game of battlefield 3. K/D is not necessary for applying. Only if the difference between W/L is higher than 1.10

1. Respect the other members as well as other players in the server you are playing.
2. The Prime Division does not care about K/D but wins. So make sure to win with your gameplay.
3. When playing make sure to keep the program Raidcall open to communication with member team-mates.
4. If in-game happens to have members on the opposite team try to switch, if not possible play in your team until you have the chance to switch.
Applying Requirements:
1. Accepted Ranks start from 35 or above.
2. Swearing, cursing or game rage is prohibited.
3. The using of hacks will delete your membership from the Prime Division.

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