"Roadkill Cafe"
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"Roadkill Cafe" is a Team of friends. Playing for fun, NOT for own points but Team work .

Is NOT training server or Boosting- Is a Tactical Team Flagrun Competition.
Is our relax but competitive server !

Selfish Boosters NOT welcome. If you are part of team you count 100. If you are playing lone wolf, almost 0 ! Not You. Not Me ! But Team !!!

Team Flagrun game consist in capturing flags without fight, using vehicles/Hely's . Not walking / running for not create Roadkills. (doing that on poupose or Trolling/Intentionally players achieve LIFEBAN ! )

Tactics means : Use more vehicles/Hely's as possible for capture more flags. Entire team cap fast one flag.. Other team cap 3 flags.. who win ? Base of Matematic. If the game turn hard.., no place for sleeping taxi passengers/Easy Pts. Take one bike, jeep, snowboard, flying carpet and help your Team. International Team Slang..."Move your a.." ! Don't be lazy.


Roadkill Cafe flagrun Is the oldest flagrun in BF3. Admins comes from old flagrun servers as Big Bang Theory, FROG and Synergy Admin's Team. Since 2013 experience on admin job, for flagrun and combat servers.
- Actual admins are : DocMcCree (DE)- Global Panic (UK)- FlagSyndicate (CH)- Moralisoija (FIN)- Id897x (UK)-

Our Servers have all rules on screen or on request typing !rules. Autoadmin is programmed to punish instantly rulebreakers even if no admins in game. Autoadmin have no sense of humor and he take's no prisoners !
BEFORE send platoon request you must play LOT with us. Meet in game players, members and admins. UNDERSTAND WELL RULES AND BEING EXAMPLE for all players !
Our point is Quality, NOT quantity.
Become CAFE member is only one responsability more. So, if you think you are not strong enough for that, do not send platoon request. And... if you just send platoon request, but you don't play. Try put the request on a bottle and drop'it in amiddle of Pacific Ocean...we will wait for and take'it in serious consideration :)))
Everyone is welcome to play respecting Roadkill server rules. If you insist and really wanna wear our Tag CAFE , You MUST be one step better than standard players and ACTIVE !

CHEATERS or HACKERS if found, will be reported and banned from our servers !
Respect rules and admins will respect you !

You are welcome to join our DISCORD-SERVER

Have fun. Cafe team

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