TwiisT [TWST]
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✯✯✯✯✯ Welcome to TwiisT ✯✯✯✯✯

- We offer to you good chopper, jet pilots and gunners

- We play the game just because of fun!

- Enjoy


✯✯✯ What is TwiisT ? ✯✯✯

* This is an INTERNATIONAL clan which means everyone is allowed to join (no matter if you are from Europe, Asia or Murica).

* We made this clan to regroup players around the world.

* If you want to be in this clan please read the RULES down below

* We are not competitive, unless if we go to Tournaments and fight against strong clans.

✯✯✯✯✯ Rules in Clan ✯✯✯✯✯

█ Be loyal and be mature (means respect players)

█ Trolling, glitching, skilling is allowed in clan

█ Don't be Lone Wolf ( play alone in server ), play with friends

█ "TWST" Tag is NOT a must have!

█ You can use your personal emblem which you like

█ intellectual maturity

✯✯✯ Founder: No0bD34nny_de ✯✯✯

✯✯✯ 2nd Founder: zdrava53 ✯✯✯

✯✯✯ 3rd Founder: ElTroniX_HD ✯✯✯

✯✯✯ Clanleader: Sipstar_gojko ✯✯✯
✯✯✯ Sirko_6969 ✯✯✯

* NOTE: TwiisT is a freedom clan. You can do whatever you want: Enjoy in Teamwork and Compete in Clan Wars. But please as RULES are saying, please RESPECT each other and play together as one team.

* Clan Wars will be held if there is a good amount of players in clan.
* Tournaments will be held if there is a good amount of awesome players

Good luck out there :D We wish you good gameplay!

Here you find our TwiisT platoon on BF4:

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