Call Me Hax Bruh
Tag: [eXe] Fans: 21 Created: 2015-06-08

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About us : Basically good friends :P chillin in the hood (metro servers), we like also to twerk and we do the Don't Judge Challenge with our BF3 soldier.

Clan Tag : eXe / X
Favorite weapons : M16A3, AN94, M416, AEK, FAMAS, G3A3. (assault specialisation).
Favorite perks : Ammo + cover + sprint + surpression.
Favorite map : Opération Metro, Grand bazar.

This platoon covers only the best Metro players that showed their skills to me in game. Believe me, we do some nasty kills streak, headshot and score that the word "HAX" comes out from your mouth.

No skilled players hate us when they see us in games, others that are more jealous start some vote kick and ban waves. We slap players so hard that even, if we start to twitch, they will not believe that we dont use hacks.

Let me tell you why we are so good in this game:

1. We use that weapon (M16A3, AN94 or AEK) since the game was released. It seems to be legit that we know how to use them properly. I mean, that we handle the weapon so well that we can counter the recoil. So, if you want to be like us, throw your spamming kit down (I mean your M320-LVG) and learn how to use guns. I know it will be hard for you to get some kills, because your aim became shit after that years of spamming.

2. We dont spam in game and we hate spammers. Even if you bring us the best spammer of metro he cant beat our number of kills, our score per minute or our K/D in game.

Call Me Hax Bruh


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