Tank 1v1 Tournament
Tag: [TvT] Fans: 2 Created: 2015-06-23

Platoon Presentation

Applicants for the tournament must have 100 MBT SS(exceptions can be made)
or make it through tryouts


1.Matches must be conducted with referee present cheating will not be tolerated
2.No guided shell or optics(thermal/zoom) at all
3.Using anything other then a tank to kill is a immediate DQ (RPG/Smaw, Repair Tool Ext)
4.No camping in one spot waiting for a tank
5.You may hop out to repair at any time
6.Each player choose one map DLC included unless you don't have DLC's
7.Best of 6 on each map 3 fights with T-90 3 with M1 Abrams
8.If there is a draw you will go in the TIEBRAKER:1 round of anymap.
9.General childishness may make you lose your spot in the tournament

Server Settings
No regenerative Health
No 3D Spotting
No 3RD person
No Nametags

(Grand Prize $20 PSN card and the ability to call yourself #1 tanker)

Try out will be conducted by a impartial party msg ninjakiller4356 for details


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