Sons of Switches
Tag: [SoS] Fans: 12 Created: 2015-11-01

Platoon Presentation

This is a platoon for the people who lack an inbuilt aimbot. This is for the people who (would like to) have an unbeatable defense.
Here gather the Switcharoos, The Scissor Overlords, The Honey-Trappers, Those people who randomly Dillon, and even the Counter Cutters.

In all seriousness, This platoon is for people who want to train their defense, or already have an amazing defense. The goal is to be unkillable, Invisible.

Anyone can join, if you are just some random guy who wants to see what dogfighting is like go ahead. If you are already a complete beast in the jet, join and have fun.

Switches get bitches,
Cuts get sluts.

SoS-Arcusaeterna - Scissoring all day!
-CLN-Arcus - I had the name first >:(
Cobaltcat - Local newbie <3

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