The JeZuZ Paradise
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Platoon Presentation

Here's the official clan page of the United and the Undisputed, the JeZuZ Paradise, and here's the list of things we can offer for you (YES YOU) dear believers:

Unlimited free beer wheverywhere ''Yes and free beer is always a good beer, unless it's Guinness, since it tastes like shit''.

The ultimate and the extreme hardcore parties with some nasty sexy naked girls, no clothes for girls, for the gentlemen, it's optional...

VIP privileges for private dances and orgy queue priorities in the JeZuZ Paradise strip & night club...

There is only one condition that is required by you in order to be accepted in the no-man, no-god created platoon, the JeZuZ'z and that is... To have the (Nationality_JeZuZ) of yours as your main displayed character name.

Hope you enjoyed killing 1 minute of your life, now please spend another trying to figure out how you're gonna get the first 1 minute back :'D

After you did so, feel free to apply and join (You'll be removed after 24h of your approval if you did/do not change your name).

420praiseit, JeZuZ is our weed.

-Best regards SPaNFArT_JeZuZ, IRiSH_FeGGeT and MiSSiNG_JeZuZ.

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