Most Wanted Gamers
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Who We Are:
We are Most Wanted Gamers, a global community of gamers that like to play for the objective and for the win. If having a good time with new and old friends in a casual and competitive environment is what you're looking for, you've found the right place.

Only a privileged few will rise with MWG.

If you hold high standards for everything you do in life you may have what it takes to be an MWG .

If you understand what it means to fall and rise again with vengeance them come ride with us..

- A willingness to play the objective with a natural desire to win
-Have a working, active mic without excessive feedback/background noise
-Be courteous and respectful to fellow members
-Stay active at least 4 times every month
-Be a part of the solution - not the problem
-Wear your MWG tag with Pride!
-Maintain a positive outlook, even in the face of adversity.
-Be polite, efficient, and allow your enemies to feel the cold embrace of death, as your blade separates soul from matter.

*******Clan Wars******
(MWG) 4-0 (HWK)
(MWG) 4-0 (ZOO)
(MWG) 4-0 (CEFE)
(MWG) 0-4 (IGOD)
(MWG) 4-0 (HWK)
(MWG) 4-0 (SOUL)
(MWG) 4-0 (RD13)
(MWG) 4-0 (xEBR)
(MWG) 4-0 (MOTA)
(MWG) 0-4 (XIN)
(MWG) 2-0 (LU)
(MWG) 4-0 (VaS)

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