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Love flying Helicopters? Come join !

I'm creating this Platoon for people who enjoy playing Battle Field 3 and being a team member. Not just flying Helicopters, but if you love flying Helicopters and enjoy plaything then this is your Platoon. From just playing team death match to full out conquests battles. I'm creating this Platoon to help you enjoy Battle Field 3 to the full extent and be a part of my team. I'm not creating this to only have the best of the best in it. Everyone is welcomed to join! The best team is the one that works together and enjoys playing as a team and having fun. Don't be afraid to send an invite, just make sure one Platoon open to still join mine. If the platoon is full join 99 Shadows.

-Helicopter is not only for Helicopters! It is for every vehicle , with the main focus of Helicopters :)


For all the people who can't join because of a different system. I'm sorry but don't be afraid to like it!



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