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Loyalty First --- BullSh*T Second


Our goal is simple: To reach the highest teamwork to defeat all enemies.

THE MoST WaNTeD VeTz are a group of guy who love playing as one(team) haveing few laughs an fun while winning.

This isn't about a game, its about commitment, teamwork, and, most importantly Us VeTz.

So please, if you are in another platoon, show your commitment to one of them.
If its not being us VeTz then your not us VeTz.

I hope you find what you are looking for in your fit platoon.


What I require for you to have during battle:

- Headset w/ Mic
- Relax take your time work as time.(no need to get pissed over a game but sometimes is understandable)
- Care for platoon members and respect them is a must.
- A good, mature attitude, on and off game but can take a joke and have fun.


B2K Expansion.

All of us have B2K, if you dont thats ok and not a big problem. But it would be nice to have it in future.
Now that we have around 11-14 guys on soon as we have a little more we can start the process of 12vs12 Conquest with other platoons.

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