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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WELCOME TO THE NEW ZEALAND ELITE PLATOON <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


New Zealand Elite is a Platoon with many sides to it, Sometimes we go and have fun by trolling on the Battlefield, but other than that we like to be very competitive, we do not accept defeat until the game is over, and we learn from our losses, we celebrate our wins, we use PTFO and Advanced tactics, The Team Motto here at NZE is "Play The Fucking Objective" so if your not a fan of capturing flags or arming MCOMs than this platoon may not be for you.

The Platoon Leader "ThesgtHunt3r" has a Youtube account were in the future he will be uploading platoon games and funny trolling clips, his main series is called Team Derp, were he will get the fumiest moments from gaming with platoon members and make a Funtage out of it!

Youtube Link:

We hope to be very popular with the BF3 comunity in the future but for now we just enjoy gaming, playing with friends and kicking ass on the battlefield, If you wish to join the platoon their is nothing stoping you! you can also add "Th3stgHunt3r" on PSN for more info, have a good day gamer's! see you on the Battlefield!


Platoon Leader's Info:

Platoon Leader:

Th3sgtHunt3r - Support and Recon

Platoon Co Leader's:

Sloth_DEMONZ - Assault and Engineer
TechnoColouz - Assault and Engineer
MrWuzzaFuzza - Engineer and Assault
The_Libernator - Assault and Recon
Hugeone22 - Engineer and Assault
Battlewee - Assault and Recon


Platoon Leaderboards:

Score - Th3sgtHunt3r - 11,017,100
Most Kills - MrWuzzaFuzza - 19,358
Longest Headshot -hugeone22 - 1328.55m
Headshots - MrWuzzaFuzza - 3,952
Accuracy - Th3sgtHunt3r - 16.4%
Melee kills - phedy23 - 1,346
K/D ratio - Th3sgtHunt3r - 1.89
W/L Ratio - Th3sgtHunt3r - 1.65
Killstreak - Th3sgtHunt3r - 75
Assault Score - DirtMcNasty1976 - 1,543,850
Engineer Score - DirtMcNasty1976 - 1,925,220
Support Score - Th3sgtHunt3r - 1,423,650
Recon Score - Th3sgtHunt3r - 906,059
MBT Score - DirtMcNasty1976 - 769,758
IFV Score - DirtMcNasty1976 - 147,631
AA Score - Th3sgtHunt3r - 38,382
Helicopter Score - Th3sgtHunt3r - 167,780
Jet Score - Sloth_D3M0NZ - 138,378


Platoon Rules:

1. Have fun and win with Honor to your fellow Soldiers

2. When you are playing in a Clan Match or in one of my Youtube videos, you must ware the NZE tag, when you are not not doing serious gaming for NZE, you can change your tag back to your desired choice

3. Play the objective. There is no such thing as laying about in this clan

4. The use of a headset is highly required so that we can communicate between the entire team and help each other

5. When in my Youtube videos, you have to be funny :) ( Team Derp )




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