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Only loyal warriors Join United Elite Commanders many of the members are gonna be chosen very carefully. If you every disobey any of my commands or team leaders you will get the boot. I don't tolerate weakness only hardcore players. All members must have respect for one another and back up every member on the field, team work is the key to a successful game so communicate and get to know each other very well.

1. Fail to commuicate with platoon is considered an inactive player, will result in kick.
2. Never leave Clan Battle, Meeting or Training. without communicating y u must leave.
3. All players must have Microphones on in battles.
4. Squad Leader team voip only, squad members will leave on Squad voip.
5. Stick to your squad at all times, no similar perks.
6. Attend to all clan events.

* SALUTE * -- (More rules will be presented later)

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