unite elite commanders
Тэг: [UEC] Фанаты: 19 Создано: 13.08.2012

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FOUNDERS...sphoenisx , NightRider_916... Rules:
1.No backing out during clan match unless TOLD other wise, result: Kick from clan
2. If any other clan talks about us let a leader no handle, DO NOT RESPOND BACK IN ANY FORM OF DISRESPECT! Even if it pisses you off
3. Show up to practice (practice will be held with other clans)
4. No disrespecting other clans by name calling so on an so fourth including our clan members plz
5. If you know anybody that needs help and are afraid to ask for help such as: learning to fly a jet, use the sniper class etc.) plz help each other . ( UEC ) work together with ( KILA ) KILLA KLAN ....( 300 ) SPANTAN COMMANDOS T3 ..... ( STK ) SHOOT TO KILL ...Respect them and have fun

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