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Sask Militia has now expanded to the PS3 and we are looking for new devoted members to join our ranks

-------------------------------------------------------★ Welcome to Sask Militia PS3 ★---------------------------------------------------

You MUST put on the [SSKM] tag via your Battlelog profile to be accepted into the platoon and it is mandatory to wear the tag to remain in the platoon, we also ask that you join our gaming community.

Gaming Community Website:

Also be sure to add other platoon members as friends and squad up with them often

------------------------------------------------------------------★ SSKM Motto ★-----------------------------------------------------------------
"It's not what your tag is that changes your gameplay, it is the SSKM on your dogtag that changes it "

If you play on XBOX or PC come join our other platoons:


PC -

Come join our active gaming community and see why we stand out among all the rest!

Our Server: SSKM (Sask Militia) Gaming Clan Server

We also have a Raid Call server that we use to communicate with other members of SSKM (PC & XBOX 360) Come check it out if you have a moment!! ID# 5992313

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