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Welcome to the Clan Soldiers!!!!

- We play the objective aggressively and win with pride. ( Conquest)
- We resupply and revive when it's necessary.
- We use different tactics and methods to beat the enemy.
- If you love trolling the enemy then have fun doing that because we respect that.
- Use what is best for your circumstances.
- Always priories before getting your ass in the battlefield.
- Unfortunately you must be above rank 45 to qualify this Platoon, but we will accept players who are 2 ranks away from becoming a colonel 45.
- We appreciate people showing respect and sharing their best strategy to support others.
- We all make mistakes and then get better so don't worry about it bro.
- It will be great if you had a headset so we could communicate online which will be much appreciated.
- We recommend having male of female but your attitude and skills need to be good.
- If you enjoy playing maps that are close quarters and everything going rampage then this will be the suitable clan for you.
- Sorry but you must be European to join this clan but make sure your English is excellent.
- we will provide you the best comfort to this clan and make sure you are gladly having fun.
- Play safe and don't be a pussy.
- Keeps your Clan NwO at all times or you will eventually be kicked.
- Please join this Platoon because i can see it in your eyes BRO.

PlayStation ADD : GHOST-RIDER-189 Please add the leaders of this Platoon! :)

--------------------------------------(THE HEAT IS ON!)------------------------------------------------------

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