Aʟᴘнᴀ & Oмᴇɢᴀ™
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Welcome To ALPHA & OMEGA!

Founders: ragindrshot and Tofah



*** If you are in this clan have recently joined, rather you were invited or not. You must...

<>Add all Leader of this Platoon.

<>Register on our website. Stay active on our website

<>Clan Tags are required in CBs only. However, your support is appreciated by rocking this tag out at all times but, not required.

Alpha & Omega vs. Not Safe For Work- Win

Alpha & Omega vs. Dyscarnate- Win

Alpha & Omega vs.Last Laugh Lunatics- Win

Alpha & Omega vs. Sir- Win

Alpha & Omega vs. Bad Company- DNF

Alpha & Omega vs. BAND OF BROTHERZ - Loss

Alpha & Omega vs. Joint Kombat Operations Sunday 7/21 9PM EST - Cancelled

Alpha & Omega vs. Last Laugh Lunatics Sunday July 28, 2013 - Win


Bump this post-http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654625580904934/

Official Alpha & Omega server-
Aao classic maps 200% ticket server.
Thx to Bighairyman, Lucifer, Mustang.

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