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We will migrate to Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4 once released. Funds are available for servers on day one and for many months to come. Looking forward to seeing y'all there!

[HELI] (est. 2011/12/05) is one of the first platoons for dedicated helicopter pilots and gunners.
This is NOT a competitive platoon. We do NOT organize tournaments or "heli battles" like 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs 2.

We are running 3 CONQUEST servers with occasional downtimes since 29/03/2012.
Search for: (the description after [HELI][Server #] varies)


Please contact me for donations towards the server rental fees, running 3 servers is expensive and I cannot afford throwing $250 every 3 months at EA. Even if you can spare just $2 it will help!

The following rules apply to all of our servers:
- Don't deliberately team kill (1x:ban)
- Don't ram your jet into the helicopters (1x:kick / 2x:ban)
- ABSOLUTELY NO C4/Jihad Jeeps allowed (1x:kick / 2x: ban)
- Don't glitch, exploit or boost (1x:ban)


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