Trolling bilo's
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This is the bilo platoon! For those who don't know what bilo means, it basically means whatever you want it to mean. It fits in with any catch phrase or everyday phrases like "shut the bilo up" or "suck my bilo"

In this platoon its all about team work and "trolling" if you want! But you still have to be helping out the team so don't get you hopes up to high!

Rule #1 You must have a 1.2 W/L ratio or higher "Some exceptions may apply"

Rule #2 You can choose any gun you like but you have to actually be good at it and it is helping out the team

Rule #3 Don't revive teammates if their are enemies around!

And I have a Youtube channel so i might make clan war videos and post it on Youtube! So Join! :D(bilalthedude)

Also check out our website :

The link to my Youtube channel is here :

And if your very committed to this server, you can make a photo of your favorite character in any game and make it into a troll version of that character like mines with Ezio from assassins creed. :D

And P.S: This Emblem for the clan was made by me in an adobe software program so if you wan't you use this photo for your profile, you have to ask me first! :D

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