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Community platoon for tCo...

We have one and only goal, is to take over the world........

We started in BC2. Came Top 3 in every tournament entered.

... and CBS stole our name ..

TS Server:


tCo will be going to PC for BF4

Apply if interested. We are taking applications currently to make a full roster. This won't be set roster until close to BF4 and admins will make their decisions then.

Currently we are looking to play 8 v 8+. Please contact Leaders.


♛tCo Website:

♛Clans tCo has played on BF3 PC:
aQ, EVO, beer, SeK x3, cLx, nW, vK ( score tCo 4 - 0 vk, xD lul ), tA, gC, NAP, 30cm, Ne, PLS, oC, uT,





BF3 on PS3 - Achievements

Clans [tCo] beat in 12v12 CQ - dN, pp, iCon, I4L, 6FU, vVv,
CTG, D3vZ x2, cR, EVO, vFv, CyS, AnV, QD, EVL, VaLR, OPIN,
RpG, eQs, LGN , DOM, RVN, cF, loL, TNU, dVb, MFH, RaW,
POR (Team Portugal), RdE, FK, CQP, HELL, POL, PSK, tDn,
Kr6, Qaa, CRC (Costa Rica), vVx, eF, eA, LH, OsMoZe, 7ds,

tCo has played each team numerous amounts of time

E-sport achievements:

♛ Season 2 Ladder 12v12 CQ - 2nd Place
♛ Season 3 Ladder 12v12 CQ - Semi Finalist
♛ Season 4 Ladder 12v12 CQ - Quarter Finalist
♛ Pain Street Gaming Tournament 4v4 SQR - 2nd Place
♛ BC2 Squad Rush Tournament - 1st Place
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