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♠ Make sure you have to view this presentation in its correct form! ♠

➜ Disrespect, prejudice, racism, sexism, et cetera, is not acceptable at all, unless in a playful joke.

► About Us ◄

We are not a clan that is shy to the world of Battlefield. Our original members come from Battlefield 2, Battlefield: Vietnam, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and so on. Our members come from all around the world and we're calling out to you to join the cause. Most of our original members have professional experience in our previous platoon, The Shadow Conspiracy, including a vast knowledge of leadership, teamwork, and good decision making skills. We come from a semi-competitive clan and now we're looking to take it to the next level in competitive matches and tournaments.

We, ShadowsReviction, TWs_R3viCti0n, and PhoenixReviction, will guide and lead you on your journey into the realm of competitive gameplay in Battlefield 4. This platoon is not to be taken as a joke. Most practices will be mandatory and this will require sheer dedication and devotion. There will be much expected of you and if you happen to do well, many opportunities in leadership could await you.

We come from more than two years of experience and we are now calling out to experienced players to join us on our journey to conquer the Battlefield under the name Reviction. With teamwork and a brotherhood that we forge, we just could become unstoppable.

►High Ranking Officers◄

♠ Co-founders ♠
ShadowsReviction & TWs_R3viCti0n

♠ Second in Command ♠

► Joining ◄

Because we are just starting up we do not currently have a website but will in the near future. You may contact any three of us leaders as long as you meet the requirements below.

☛ Requirements ☚

➜ Must be at least 15 years of age, 16 preferred
➜ Must be mature and disciplined
➜ MUST be getting a PS4 and BF4
➜ Must speak English fluently
➜ Must have a working mic / headset
➜ Must NOT be part of another competitive platoon

✔ Aerial Division (PHOENIX)*

Score/min: 525+
K/D: 1.5+
Accuracy: 13.5%+

✔ Armored Division (TIGER)*

Score/min: 550+
K/D: 1.65+
Accuracy: 13.5%+

✔ Infantry Division (WOLF)*

Score/min: 625+
K/D: 2+
Accuracy: 16.5%+

✔ Naval Division (HYDRA) (requirements subject to change)*

Score/min: ~525+
K/D: 1.5+
Accuracy: ~13.5%+

➤ Those are our requirements and we will be strict about them. If any one of those stats fall below the required amount for an extended period of time, you may be kicked.*

► Upcoming Matches ◄
[ReV] vs. [HIV]
Saturday the 28th @ 3pm EST (8pm UK)
5 vs. 5 Normal Conquest
Metro and Bazaar (x2)
❝ De Fumo In Flammam ❞

♠ Out of the smoke, into the flame... ♠

--- ℛeviction ---

* - Applies in Battlefield 4

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