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Sry if I dont add u, my list is full. hit me up in game to squad

Nerd Credentials:

Steam user: ResinLipBongFace
BF1942(US) /BFV : TiMe2DiE
BF1942(AU) /BFV/BF3/BF4: ResinLip

Vietnam was a hardcore game, super fast paced... and the music!!! i'd keep a packed cone near and the moment i finally got that heli i would crank a song and risk it all to rip one down before i flew into battle and watch the NVA run for the treeline to classic 70s hits. good times :')

~ i7 3770k Ivy + Antec Kuhler H80
~ Saphire 7850 OC 2gb
~ ASRock Z77extreme4
~ HAF932
~ Evo 850 SSD


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