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Website: www.warhawksclan.com • Created: 2014-03-03

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Long standing battlefield clan who are always up for a laugh and joke during a game.

Apply at our website 18+ ONLY and a working microphone and teamspeak is a requirement.


This is the story of a 14 year old boy whos dreams always was to be to join , hes english wasnt very good , hes skill wasnt either. The 14 year old boy added the evil warlord '' Dfour '' to his friendlist after that he asked if he could join WH but the evil warlord told him he was a lil fat kid that has no life , and after that kicked him in the balls and sayd no. will you help the story of the 14year old boy?
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very funny
6 years ago
dwade, is that you?
5 years ago
Hey Hawks, what server provider do you use? I'm going to grab a server myself and I always had the best latency when I was running on yours.
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As for you Lefty. Gets kicked out of the clan for hacking so now just bad mouths us.

5 years ago
lol, this thread is great!
5 years ago
Hey I used to play with you guys all the time in BF2 on Jalalabad with noxious and tree hugging hippie was hoping I cold join up with you all now that I have bf4
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Yeah bring it on
6 years ago
The platoon is for Warhawk members only. You need to apply at our website first.

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You should do some research, perhaps watching some of my posted gameplay? Unedited full games. There's a difference between a cheater, and someone who is actually good at the game. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/xxvladekxx/videos [youtube.com]

To Mav63: Post undeniable proof of me using hacks/cheats/exploits/damage mods/esp/aimbot or remove my Metaban. You have no proof, yet decide to put a blemish on someones record? Sad.
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Incase you forgot: http://metabans.com/player?i=bGlt [metabans.com]
Your reason was "Hacker for sure". You proceed to post no or any further reasoning. If you'd like to chat to me in Teamspeak or another similar VOIP i'd be more than happy to.
6 years ago