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Created: 2014-02-27

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The day came when I realised we must save the loli's. Right this moment these poor little cutie pies are scattered all over battlefield servers and are in dire need of help. Thats where we... loli saviors come in.. Join Us.. The beauty must be preserved!
(The Original Battlefield 3 Platoon: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391509834349/) [battlelog.battlefield.com]


oh boy it has been long time since active days. Sugoku hazukashii desu, but our fight is not over. Believe in your friends ! Believe in the loli goddess! WE SHALL NOT DISAPPEAR! \o/
7 years ago • 0 Like
who left their loli's pantsus all over the dining room. this morning it was a complete mess when eating breakfast. please keep in mind to sustain clean headquarters at all times. loli goddess was furious this morning. she even went "hmph!". apologize to her this instant ! carry on ! HAIL LOLI
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Hail Loli!!!
7 years ago
Wow dat rank :D anyways hows it going?
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If Battlefield 4 allows us to buy private servers I would like to be able to host 3 servers for this Platoon in the future. I have been in this platoon for a long time and I look forward to helping it.

If the servers are needed..
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すごい nice motivation
9 years ago