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Created: 2014-02-28

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We fight hard, we play to win. First to fight , last to leave
We are the jack of all trades.

This clan is all about team play and being able to respond to any obstacle you may run in to on the battlefield. As a jack of all trades you will be expected to be proficient in all classes and vehicles in the game,
new soldiers and veterans are welcome as the only way to be good at anything is practice. To join you must be willing to learn and teach others as needed. If your in doubt ask your self this.

“What are you willing to do to be the ultimate team player in Battlefield ? Are you willing to jump feet first into hell? Can you make the tough call and the ultimate sacrifice? Will you put yourself against outstanding odds?” if so you may be a JOAT and we welcome you.


hey JOAT.. looking for a clan battle in TDM.. best of 5 maps.. you pick 2 we pick 2 and agree on the 5th.. let me know if your interested.. thanx
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how bout a mixture.. 2 dom 2 tdm...and 5th map whatever we decide... tdm is team based you just gotta run as a team lol.. let me know man
8 years ago
hey were for sure interested, you should add me on psn and we can discuss the details.
8 years ago
Hi fancy a battle against TBH ? let us knows guys ...Peace out
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hey reggie we would be very interested in a battle. we only play hardcore but what game mode are you thinking ?
8 years ago
Welcoming all challengers, to battle our clan?
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