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Created: 2014-02-27

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This Platoon is for Generals of Battlefield 1943 . It is also for members of the Battlefield 1943 Platoon of BF3 . Meet either of these requirements , and you will be accepted . All other applicants must be referred by a current member.


anybody playing PC?
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is this platoon alive
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See the platoon rank is at 47 now... it seemed to be 25 was the max... anyway NextOops and champagneTOG adding a few points on 360 ... shout out to all the old 1943 members..
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10vs10 Tournament Hardcore - http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/2lD3KWlEHO [challonge.com]
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would you guys be interested in a 12v12 or 16v16 this weekend? If so message me on battlelog or xbox. thanks
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Hallo interessieren Sie sich für 12v12 Spiel, wenn ja, fügen Sie mich auf Live-oder Battlelog
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grüss dich wollt nur bescheid geben das seit gestern die anmeldephase für die xbox360 Desbl Bundesliga begonnen hatt falls ihr mitrmachen wollt anmeldeschluss für die teams ist der 28.09.2014 also knapp 3 wochen anmeldung unter Desbl.de gespielt wird domination ladder T5 und conquest ladder T10 würde mich freuen euch in der bundesliga zu sehen
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Would y'all be interested in a match with Mettle? If so shoot me, Da Bataaa ,or LLMDaddy a message on Xbox Live.
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Woo hoo GO 43! Best air superiority EVER! Lol it aint hard to be a general though, seems like after an hour n a half they GIVE IT AWAY HUH?
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Watch my new vid "Army of One - Battlefield 4 - Xbox One" on YouTube
Army of One - Battlefield 4 - Xbox One: http://youtu.be/oxxl4kWWtkg [youtu.be]
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Random peeps and I found the MEGALODON and I had a chance to record it!

http://youtu.be/IJTe359SuCg [youtu.be]
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By the way we need to play more often so we increase our rank!
5 years ago
I was in the BF1943 platoon in BF3 log, can i get accepted here to please? Thanks.
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Just realised there is a PUBLIC and a PRIVATE posting wall for platoons... This is a call out to Battlefield 1943 Platoon from the BF3 days to apply for the BF4 Platoon Battlefield 1943 at http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/6967648238905461025/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
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