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Website: sologaming.co.za/ • Created: 2017-10-24

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Every player is important to us, so expect our famous quote "Never give up" to be spammed in your face!

Here are a few rules

#Rule 1 = No hacking/macro's/programs that play the game for you...

#Rule 2 = T-Bagging/V-bagging is a tradition not a choice.

#Rule 3 = Respect your fellow players, clan members and admins. We do not condone vulgar language in-game since it shows bad sportsmanship.

#Rule 4 = No spamming in-game chat, especially with "hackusations". Racism and sexism is an obvious NO-NO! Please refrain from vulgar in-game chat.

#Rule 5 = Be a leader, help your fellow clan members. Help each other improve

#Rule 6 = Be dedicated to SoLo Gaming. We prefer you not being part of another clan.
If you decide to run another clan or be apart of another PLEASE consult the owners Drafslak23 or Sile199.

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