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Hello, you have reached No_Nickname's profile. If you need to get a hold of me, please check our TS @ helixgg.ts.nfoservers.com or leave a message on either of our community pages. If you're here to complain because you think I hack, please take a number and await your turn.

Thank you and have a nice day!! :D

Current team: HELIX (Founder)
● Infantry Starter/ Vehicle Gunner/ Attack boat
● Server Owner/Administrator
● Sugar Daddy, lol

● Resolution : 1920x1080@60hz
● Mouse DPI : 400/800/1000
● Sensitivity : 34% Soldier, 40% Vehicle
● All graphics on low except Mesh (Ultra)

http://s09.flagcounter.com/count2/IXCT/bg_FFFFFF/txt_000000/border_2008FF/columns_5/maxflags_30/viewers_0/labels_1/pageviews_1/flags_0/percent_0/.png Recounting since 3/19/16 (lost 1st one)
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