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I'm a Caucasian male American in my 20's. Corvette owner.
Environmental/Animal activist. Truther/Conspiracy Theorist. Classic Rock Fanatic. Audiophile. Headphones used in Battlefield (Sennheiser HD 800).

Melomaniac007 is my BF4, BF1 and BF5 all vehicle account. As of 6/30/19
BF4: Ranked #16 K/D United States 16.37 K/D
BF1: Ranked #4 K/D Worldwide 44.99 K/D

Melomaniac009 is my BF1 and BF5 infantry account with some vehicle.
Calculating infantry only K/D among all 4 classes. As of 6/30/19
BF1: 5.68 K/D
BF5: 6.47 K/D

Just a few artists that are an extension of my personality include: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Doors, Genesis, Rush, Boston, Styx, Van Halen, Guns n roses, Def Leppard, Yes, Supertramp, The Eagles, The Who, Queen, Doobie Brothers, Journey, Steven Miller Band, Toto, Stones, and much more.
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