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Palmarès Team Hope2Glory ( battlefield 2 )

-EuroCup XV - BF2 12/16eme
-ESL Coupe de France 2007 BF2 1er
-ESL Ladder FR 5on5 2eme
-Eliott Ness Spring cup 2007 Infantry 1er
-Battlefield 2 Infantry Spring cup 2007 top 16
-Battlefield 2 Conquest Spring cup 2007 top 8
-Clanbase OC fall 2006 Infantry Division 2 1er

-Godzilan² 2eme
-Lan project 4 3eme.

Palmarès Team France (Battlefield 2)

1st - European Champions @ Nations Championship 2008 Conquest

2nd at Infantry Country Championships 2009
3rd at Conquest Country Championships 2009

Team Baguette - what France did best .
5:47 7:14 7:42

Palmarès Team Creativ` ETQW

1st French EMS qualification
1st ligue Française ETQW
3rd esl opening cup 4on4
3rd esl winter cup 4on4
5th esl winter cup 6on6
invitation for playing eurocup 2008

Project CARS
Gentlemen club TGC-GTS
with BMW M3 DTM
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