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Age 23 from the united kingdom. Aggressive competitive infantry player i use ds4 sensitivity 45 between 50 aim assist on/off aim rotation assist on/off i also prefer tdm out all other game modes conquest CTF domination etc if have any proposition i'm interested tell me more about it I've also enjoyed being called a cheater also according to players using aimbot is a compliment for me lol i shit on the faces of my haters fuck this bitches. I've also enjoyed playing among side alot decent players of bf4 but bf4 is about million years old now not alot going on with game as such anymore 2nd highest skill in world 850 UK active platoon killers on patrol Kzop but my time with bf4 has now permanently come to an end what enjoyable moments I've had on bf4 players I've met along way also thanks for great times on bf4 see you around inactive rn.


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