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About us
Our story began in August 2015, with our BF4 team being founded by Diohs, with Tommytip22 joining and becoming co-founder in September as the team started playing competitively. We started off as an average team at the start as most others, but through effective leadership and teamwork we quickly adapted to the battlefield 4 competitive scene. Eventually we started to grow as a team and gained more players of higher quality which then formed a base of what we have become. cS then went on to win The shadow cup season 1 and ESB season 7 both in conquest small 16v16. Now a new era of battlefield competitive gaming has begun with the release of Battlefield 1 which we are hoping will be a game we can carry on the legacy we have on Battlefield 4.

ESB Winter Cup Champions - BF1
International Cup Champions - BF1
ESB Season 7 Champions
Shadow Cup Season 1 Champions
Summer Cup 2016 Runners Up
NGT League 2016 Runners Up
ESB Season 6 Quarter Finalists
ESB Season 5 Quarter Finalists

Infantry |CLOSED|
Armour |CLOSED|

Social Media
Website: http://www.complexsimplicityesports.com/ [complexsimplicityesports.com]
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPAx8jJrTiT8-U9kK7yaEA [youtube.com]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cS__Esports [twitter.com]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/complexSimplicityGaming/ [facebook.com]
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/complexsimplicity_esports [twitch.tv]


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ESB Season 7: Champions

Division 1 Group Stage:
cS vs Ya (2-0)
cS vs DiVs (2-0)
cS vs Ao1 (2-1)
cS vs LoY (2-0)
cS vs Ti10 (0-2

Semi Finals:
cS vs DiVs (2-1)

Grand Finals:
cS vs Ti10 (2-1) (4:2)

Good games to everyone who we have played through-out our 1 year on BF4. We will be set to return for the release of BF1.
Shout outs to KaoS, V, Ao1, GV & iDn for giving us some challenging games, hope to see it all happen again for BF1.
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I love u guys <3
3 years ago
great memories tho
1 year ago
Shadow Cup Seaon 1: Champions

Group stage:
cS vs V (0-2)
cS vs DiVs (2-0)
cS vs nL (2-1)

Winner Bracket Group stage:
cS vs KaoS (2-0) (KaoS Left the tournament which resulting in 2-0 for the remaining teams)
cS vs Ao1 (2-1)
cS vs SyNc (2-0)
cS vs GV (2-1)
cS vs TSC (2-0)
cS vs iDn (1-2)
cS vs eCOS (2-0)
cS vs LiNk (2-0)

Semi Finals:
cS vs iDn (1-1) (iDn got Caught cheating and ended in a draw)
cS vs V (2-0)
cS vs GV (2-0)

Grand Finals:
cS vs V (2-1) (5:1)

Finished #1 in Semi Finalist Group Stage
Finished #1 Overal and becoming Shadow Cup season 1 Champions

GGs to everyone who we played, and thanks for TSC hosting this tournament.
And also GV <3
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shit emblem diohs, old one is better.
3 years ago
Yeah the old is better
3 years ago