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About me:
~ MLG OP Bagpiper
~ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZZvd4RwRs9TW2WXDx0fX9w/videos
~ Working in Primark according to IMZz
~ XiM4 is life

Former Team ~The Shadow Conspiracy (TSC) <3
~ Current CQ Team - complexSimplicity (cS) - Team UK for WNT
~ Dom Team - eQuinoX Gaming (eQx)

~ Quarter finalist ESB Season 5 (TSC)
~ Quarter finalist ESB Season 6 (cS)
~ 1st Place Shadow Cup Season 1 Winners (cS)

List of randies:
~ complexHaroldG_96 wears lip stick...
~ Topaz best tactical reviver in the game!
~ If you want a fight I choose Slayer732 as my champion.
~ Connor is bad at CQ and can't control the CZ/G18 combo.
~ IMZz punches people and steals their lunch money.
~ SorA/CyZeR/Casquada is a grumpy German
~ Diamondbig, "can you hear that? That's me hitting my dick on my desk"
~ Bangtitymoore loves the slice and dice
~ Last but not least, Squim has a abnormally hairy pooper :0
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