[MnG] Manguste AtilaX

Website: www.manguste-esports.com • Created: 2015-08-25

7,286 / 15,000

36h 22m

Fullsa - R4v3 - Assolt - iFr0z3n - Punch - Dendari

Keiso (Backup)

Indirizzo TeamSpeak pubblico:


http://www.manguste-esports.com [manguste-esports.com]


Bitspower > http://bitspowerwork.com/ [bitspowerwork.com]

SpawnpointGaming > http://spawnpointgaming.com/ [spawnpointgaming.com]

Nodale > https://www.svapobar.it/nodale/ [svapobar.it]

Samtek > http://www.youtube.com/SamTechtips [youtube.com]


http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAmlmsz5v1oQ5xzaFoM367A/videos?flow=grid&view=0 [youtube.com]

Italian competitive team 5vs5 infantry.

Team AtilaX BF3:

3rd place> Infantry 5v5 @ Milan GamesWeek LAN 2012

5th place> Infantry 5v5 Category Group A @ ESL Premier League ITA Autumn 2012

2nd place> ESL ITA 5v5 cup Infantry Winter 2012/13

3rd place> ESL Pro ITA Infantry 5v5 category A-League 2013

3rd place> ESL Spring Cup 2v2 Bazaar B Flag

3rd place> ESL Infantry ITA 5v5 Summer Cup 2013

3rd place> Gaming Match Infantry 5v5 ITA Cup 2013

2nd place> ESL Infantry 4v4 Squad Rush Ladder EU

1st place> ESL Infantry 5v5 A-Series EU 120+ day

3rd place> BF3 5v5 Community Cup 2015

Team AtilaX BF4:

4th place> ESL 5v5 Obliteration Cup EU #1

1st place> ESL 5v5 Domination Opening Cup #1 ITA

3rd place> Night Cup #1 ESL ITA domination 5v5

2nd place> 5v5 Obliteration Test Cup EU #1

1st place> BF4 5v5 XMAS Turin Comics LAN 2015

2nd place> ESL Go4BF4 #99

http://i59.tinypic.com/117twzo.jpg [i59.tinypic.com]


@R4v3 is this your 2. account ?
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/METRO-Klics/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
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old school manguste, sempre i numeri 1 saluti da un fan e un vecchia conoscenza ;)
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MANGUSTE-Fullsa is a Cheater !!!!!!!!!!

MANGUSTE-Fullsa is a Cowardly Kid Fucking Cheater !!!!!!!!!!!

Report to EA !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look Cheat o Meter:

https://i-stats.net/index.php?action=pcheck&player=MANGUSTE-Fullsa&game=BF4&sub=Check+Player [i-stats.net]
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lol :D
3 years ago
can I play my team with your team 5vs5?
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pls answer me
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You want to play domionation Clan war in 30 min???
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Good Luck ^^ Nice Team!
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Thank you :D
4 years ago
3 years ago
AtilaX Omaigad
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