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This Platoon is DEAD... there is no need to read anything below this, for it has no use or meaning. Everything you see below is irrelevant.

[MFR]Marine Force Recon is a platoon that has an active community. It members use strategy, tactics, and teamwork to win. We currently have 30+ members including our PS3 and XBOX divisions.

Our goal in MFR is to have a strong, dedicated and organized community. It's leaders will enforce the rules and regulations of Marine Force Recon when necessary.

In MFR we promote dedication, courage, and teamwork. We demote lack of dedication. If you are not willing to be here for the platoon, we will not be willing to stand with you in battle.

Marine Force Recon is getting known by other clans and platoons constantly and we grow everyday. MFR continues to gain strength and isn't stopping any time soon. Enlist today and enjoy our community.

Our community has quite a few veterans from previous Battlefield games, some since 1942. If not veterans, you will surely play with other players with some of the best sportsmanship and competitive spirits you will ever see. We guarantee you will not regret joining Marine Force Recon. If you do regret joining us then talk to the founder, ShogunAssassin50, and he will personally handle any problems with players, rules, etc., you have.

Marine Force Recon has it's own site. In the site you will see documentations of our Chain of Command, our ranking system, rules, etc., that was developed by the founder, ShogunAssassin50, Every member needs to take their time to go over these documentations.


1) SPM 250+

2) Age 14+

3) In-Game Rank Level 30+

4) W/L ratio is 1.00+

5) You are a team-player.

6) 48+ hours of game-time

7) Add the founder, ShogunAssassin50, and leaders on Battlelog and if poissble on PSN.

8) You understand worldwide time zones, mainly GMT -5 (EST), which most posted schedule times will be.

9) Register on the Official MFR Site.

10) You have read and you understand the rules of Marine Force Recon.

11) You have the ability to control and maintain your discipline and emotions.


To become part of a MFR squad you MUST sign up for an account on the MFR website. You will have 3 DAYS to sign up, on the 3rd day if you are not sign up you will be given a WARNING. On the 4th day, if you are still no registered you will be KICKED out of the platoon. -Lone80Wolf

Inactivity is taken seriously here in Marine Force Recon. Anyone who is inactive on both Battlelog and Multiplayer for a week will be given a Warning, in which they will have to respond to the message within 2 days. If you do not respond after 2 days, you will be kicked from Marine Force Recon. If you plan on or know you might not being able to come online for a week or longer, tell me, ShogunAssassin50, or the other platoon leaders in advance so we do not accidentally kick you. -ShogunAssassin50

[EGz]Elite Ghostz
[MRKN]Anarchy 3rd Battalion
[KES]Killer Elite Squad
[xxx]CLxxxAN (H.D.G)
[xxx]CLxxxAN monkmites
[SOP]Sons of the Patriots
[>!<]Dragonfly Platoon

Our battle cry is the same as the United States Marines: Oo-Rah!

Marine Force Recon accepts XBOX360 users!

Go to:
(copy and paste) join the community

NOTE TO ALL: This platoon is practically dead. There is nothing happening and it is not being maintained. Anyone who is willing to take charge, be my guest. Just to let everyone know, I, ShogunAssassin50, was the first one in the platoon, and I will be the first one out. When the day comes when everyone finally leaves, this platoon will be deleted. And for the time that the members spent together, I had a blast XD I wouldn't ask for any better Battlefield buddies! Semper Fidelis!

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