The Mercenaries (MRC)
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This french team led by flipper andre no longer has any thing to do with us, no affiliation, yet they still use our clan tag! (MRC) for recognition, they are our fan boys let it be known!

Mercenaries Fight Hard,Die Hard!





Members may join other platoons and create their own platoons,but you do not recruit them from this platoon.

Either get on board ,or hit the fckin bricks!!!!!!!!!!!

supreme commander/ founder (smjfitz) xbl tag.
Second in command/co-founder (Stoivanator) xbl tag


Friends to Rape squad, Riders of the apocalypse and death dealers.

top clans to play Empire, SoA, EpiC, SDS

guys bare with it for a couple of weeks then things are gonna really heat up
we got the new maps in may / june
and the virgin gaming tournament to talk about too

It is a kickable offense, to recruit other members too your own platoons.

DAILY POST!-we are looking for members who can help in the production of a website!

Just making room guys anyone i kicked from this platoon is still a mercenary (MRC) i had to make room for players coming in is all! you are now in your regional divisions ,this has become a staging area!


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