Brotherhood of Snipers
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I only allow those who are an excellent shot with a Sniper rifle and use the recon kit the most. If you wish to join, go ahead and send the request and I'll make the choice. After I've excepted the request, you need to prove to me that your an excellent shot. A required 30 head shots is what you need to do in less than 3 days. After that you are officially in. In the future, these rules will, obviously, change. I also will be giving you personal ranks, which are not based on personal level. I'm, of course, the head of the platoon, so I'm the Top General. The next 10 people to join are the Highest ranking Officers. After that, the next 15 people are the Officers. After that, the rest are Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals and Privates. Every 20 head shots, you will rank up. Anyone who is at least above level 5 is also available to join. And only about 75 people can join. Good luck and see you on the Battlefield!

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