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Welcome to Where Do I Shoot?!

PSN: Foulkey
PSN: RowdyEben
PSN: sal4lakerz
PSN: playytime
PSN: Scurvy13

*Contact any leader if you have any questions about the platoon or you would like to set up a platoon match.

Where Do I Shoot? was founded on November back in 2011.
Where Do I Shoot? is a PS3 platoon looking for talented players to join our ranks! If you are tired of playing with unreliable players, dealing with drama, and you'r looking for competitive play, and/or just trying to find a chilled out platoon - then WDIS is for you!

Where Do I Shoot? has just celebrated it's 1-year anniversary, which is an amazing mark for any platoon to reach! We have accomplished this because of our structure, execution, and hand selecting our recruits based on a ton of variables, not just stats. This allows us to find the right types of people with the right skills to blend our platoon into the perfectly oiled experience it is today. WDIS already has some of the best Battlefield players among our ranks...

One of the most important features of a player to us is that our members are team players above all else. Yes great stats are important, but a good attitude toward putting the team first is why WDIS has maintained the same 30+ core members for over 1 year now!

We know some of you are in it for the competitive side, and we try our best to provide games and tournaments so everyone has something to look froward to. For non-competitive players we have events throughout the week which links us all together and helps us get to know each other. Either way we have something for everyone! Together we achieve victory!

Advantages of joining WDIS:
- Part of a growing community with over 50 members!
- Reliable team members.
- Weekly events.
- Weekly challenges.
- No drama.

- Minimum of 350 SPM and a minimum rank of 40 (not colonel)
- Must be friendly to every player
- Must listen to Founder or Leaders (what they have to say is final).
- Must be a team player
- Please become friends with the other members it will contribute to better teamwork in games
- Must be a active member (1 month inactive will result in you being kicked!)
- Must try be active at least twice per week!
- Must wear the platoons tag when you play with us (WDIS)
- Must have a mic. (Exceptions can be made)
- Must have a K/D of 1.00 or higher.
- MUST have fun!

If you have any issues with the platoon, platoon members or any of our sites, then please contact the Founder or the Leaders and they will resolve the problem as fast as they can.

We only take on a maximum of 70 members. This is to ensure that all of our members can add the other members of this platoon without having to delete friends, family or other people from your PSN friends list and still have plenty of people to play Battlefield with.

Please tell your friends, players in the forums, and hopefully one day we will be recognized.
Thank you!

~{NEWS}~ Battlefield 4 Coming Soon!

This platoon is run by WDIS Leaders for BF4 PS4 contact "Nay4376" to join the fight there!

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