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Major League Gaming Battlefield 3 platoon.

IF U THINK U ARE ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN BF3, MAKE APPLY! We are accepting very good players and guys who have take this game in next level.

Mrs Violence X -> We already have the best woman player in our platoon (Mrsviolence) you can look more information in Google :)
This is her YouTube account:

FsD_Digi ➜ Carries FsD

TroJan blAke ➜ Team TroJan and Team Finland player.

Anarchy_Ouveri ➜ Team Finland founder, one of the best leaders in the world. Now playing on PC.

mythiXFuriouS ➜ Plays in one of the greatest teams ever in Battlefield 3 (mythiX)

TroJan Ec1ipse ➜ Professional player, Team TroJan player.

KinGRedsNooB ➜ Professional player, Former InFamouS. Playing for mythiX now.

siXFinns-Giguli ➜ Founder one of greatest competition teams in battlefield 3 PC side and including all platforms. (siXFinns) . And best team in Finland.

KFRAnThraX ➜ Professional player, Member of team mythiX.

Kankaroo ➜ Founder of one of the best teams in the world (FsD). Professional gamer.

Mudderfunker ➜ A.K.A The Golden One, founder and leader of one of the best teams in the world (FsD).

h0lyzzz ➜ Professional, play in many professional teams (FsD, raZorz)

KMIKZ_RedN ➜ Leader and gamer in KMIKZ™ ; manager in FsD , founder of x117

Thijsor ➜ BF3 Player and Ziba Tower lover

Favorabletouni ➜ World best LAG and he thinks he is good with knife

D11VA ➜ World best RAGE


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