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----------------------Makers of Heaven-----------------------
Makers of Heaven was founded to give active, mature and competative gamers a fun atmosphere to play adult games. You wont find any immature players here. Only mature gamers. We are a US based team and we do not take anyone outside the USA & Canada, this is to only help us with our scheduling. Communication is the key to a succesful platoon.
-Allies In Arms
-Nation Of Domonation
-Combat Knife League

----------Information About Us----------
Here at MoH we expect are gamers to communicate on and off the battlefield. We require that you show to all practices and platoon events (tournements not included) and communicate when not available. We require that you give us a 1 day notice if your not going to show. We are looking for active and mature players only.
(At Makers of Heaven we are involved in GameBattles & FraggedNation we do battles-scrimmages-tournements)
-Platform Xbox 360
-We play on normal servers (will play hardcore)
-We have our own server ({MoH} Platoon Server)

-Take the MoH trial run
-Be mature
-Communication--Mic is a must
-Be Active on Xbox & Battlelog

----------What To Do After Joining----------
-Add MoH to tag
-Play regulary
-Check battlelog for announcments
-Show up to all platoon events (must communicate and let us know if you are not available)

----------MoH Events----------
-Battles, scrimmages, tournements and ladders will be announced on the platoon feed
-Practices will be on every Wednesday & Sunday at 8pm Et.

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