12v12 Conquest Cup
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This 12v12 Conquest Cup has STARTED !

Here is the bracket - http://binarybeast.com/x1211081

Please post your Team names!

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ BATTLEFIELD 3 Conquest Cup XBOX 360 ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯
ELIMINATORY to 32 teams.

Restrictions: No MAV, No beacon, No claymores and no glitching. In the case of usage of this equipment or tactics, the team that used the prohibited equipment will lose the matches in which their use can be proven.
Teams can't use pickups and a maximum of 3 subs are allowed per game. People that disconnect are allowed to join, however if a sub joins in their place it will be considered one of the 3 substitutions!

Rules as follows:
Mode: normal
Friendly fire: Disabled
Teambalance: Disabled
Tickets: 100%
Number of rounds: set to 2
Killcam: Optional
Squadleader Spawn: Disabled
Kick inactive members: Max
Teamkill before a player gets kicked: Max
Ban players after they got kicked for Teamkill: Max
Vehicles: Enabled
Health regeneration: Enabled
Show minimap: Enabled
Show HUD: Enabled
Use Minimapsighting: Enabled
Use 3D Sight: Enabled
3P-Vehiclecamera: Enabled
Show Nametags of the enemys: Enabled
Respawn time in %: 100%
Time of the player dead in %: 100%
Players health in %: 100%
Bullet damage modifier in %: 100%
Random starting map: Disabled

There will be 2 maps per game, both teams play RU and US. In case of a 1-1 draw a 3rd game will be played and the team with the highest ticket margin on that 3rd map wins overall.

A Third map will be agreed on and winner of this map with the most tickets takes the match.

Original Maps only!
Each team can choose 1 map.
You can play one map on each others servers.

If a team is glitching please provide video proof. This will result in an instant drop of the glitching team.

Teams can start their games whenever they like but i have made some deadlines to stop the bracket slowing down


RO1: 11th November
RO2: 18th November
RO3:25th November
RO4: 2nd December


2.InFamouS-InfamouS Sulfu
3.raZorz eSports-AceGhostWarrior
5.Notorious Xpertz-Cys_Haggis
6.Tier 1 Operators-T1OSGTSmooth
7.SynC e-sport (resigned)
9.The Gun Show-IRyanGosling
10.Team Burn-dwright3103
11.EMPIRE Gaming-Vixxeta
12.X Vengeance X-Puck17
13.the Business-Fatal xz
14.Kill Faction-KFxBeasty
15.MeN OF WaR-TroJan CuBiC
16.MythiX-mythiX BiOs
17.PVP-PVP_Johny_ FMJ
18.Aequitas Veritas -sunshine xP xD
19.Team CDN-BuNgALOL
20.COMANF -Alexx SN
21.AreS e-sports-AreS l SeLeNe
22.Phenom Gaming-Phenom Bath
23.Shadow Company Brawlers-xOverK1llx
24.Omicron-Splatt xX
26.Men of Mayhem-BonesMalones88
28.Brothers in Arms-360Mafia
30.LEADERBOARD SYNDICATE-freedblackdeath
31.ACAB-CplANGER2244(Replacing Evil in the binarybeast draft)
32.Syndicate-Phenom Mez

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