Wu Tang Clan
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no scrubs only people with a 100.00 k/d can apply
Every one is a leader in the Wu Tang Clan

NO PETS especially FROGS they are loud ugly lil and slimy and love to eat bugs and sound louder than they really are and frogs are on the bottom of the food chain.....
(Must be better than ReyReyAllDay07)
absolutely no team stacking ... only pussy's team stack
must be able to handle jetlife407's 13yr old fan base who follow him to every server on bf3 and are annoing as shit .
Have to add artytwist1102's 11-19 other accounts.
people who want to join from now on have to pay a $69 entry fee
must be a graduate from high school musical, exception made for artytwist1102.
cant have frog any where in your name
cant be asian unless you farrr east coasst!
must have a twitter account
cant have a facebook account bcuz facebook is for p_ssy's
must watch the homie TX3089 you tube channel
you have to be a fan of tosh.0
no gays in here exception made for alexwoods83
no tennies or white t's must dress to impress
must smoke D bomb bud only
no fingerblast's allowed around here
got to be on that CURREN$Y level
must bump that MF DOOM
no homeless midgets
have to like NIKO IS nikois.bandcamp.com
Also greatpeople.bandcamp.com
homless clowns welcomed
can not have a shit bucket must wear depends
can not b from los vegas
MUST speak with a hill billy accent at some point.
must be over the age of 12 exception made for reyrey
Must add alex woods aka GARGAMEL2883 aka woodsaz because he needs friends

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