Cold Blooded Killas
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Click on "Official website" to visit our clan site,




CBK: 2nd Platoon ---->

We're set up on FraggedNation --->


If you are interested in joining CBK: please visit our website and submit an application.
After we've had a chance to see you play, as well as view your stats, we will evaluate your application and either
accept or deny it. Thank you for your interest.



Things that we look for and will get you in CBK:

1. Teamwork
2. Communication
3. Skill
4. Loyalty
5. Activity
6. Being Competitive
7. Consistency

Battlefield stats that will expedite your application approval:

10+ Hours Played per Week
325+ SPM
1.4+ KDR (negotiable)


Battlelog is great and all, but we use the regular website for recruitment, then you can be in platoon and add the tags.


Our clan battle & general playing rules: (Exceptions can be granted upon request for clan battles)

1. No quitting. We fight to the last ticket. You lose connection/lag out. You hop the fuck back in.
2. No base camping to steal vehicles or strafing/bombing runs on bases. Vehicles are fair games out in the battlefield.
3. No glitching. This includes Metro's 3rd floor & the outer area on Scrap Metal & Ziba Tower.
4. No jet ramming. Accidents do happen. So send a PSN message stating so immediately after the crash to avoid retaliation.
5. No weapon restrictions. Yes, you can have your frag rounds.
6. BF3 maps only for Conquest clan battles. B2K's Oman starts off lopsided.
7. No redlining. All kills must be in the playing field. If you're killing someone outside the restriction zone. That's red lining.

To opposing clans. You break rules 2-4. All gloves are off & we will return the favor. Don't Start Nothing, Won't Be Nothing.


Clan Battles:

C-(1/28/12) vs. SoL... 4-0
C-(6/24/12) vs. FU2...3-0
C-(7/12/12) vs. FU2... 3-0
C-(7/22/12) vs. FU2... N/S
C- (7/22/12) vs. DTHK ... FS/OtB
R-(7/29/12) vs. MCOM... 0-3
C-(8/5/12) vs. MCOM... 2-1
C-(8/10/12) vs. DTHK... 3-1
C-(8/17/12) vs. RAZA... 2-1
C-(8/19/12) vs. Yrun...(C)
C-(8/25/12) vs. TKO... N/S
C-(8/26/12) vs. RS... (C)
C-(8/26/12) vs. KEQ... 3-0
C- (8/31/12) vs. FU2x... 2-0... B/O
C- (9/15) vs. DTHK... 0-3
C- (9/16) vs. CBK... N/S
C- (9/20) vs. ETF (& Friends)... 3-0
C- (9/29) vs. TSK... 4-0
C- (10/7) vs. SINS... 3-1
C- (10/13) vs. ISLA... 3-0
C- (10/14) vs. TWT... 3-0
C- (10/14) vs. F2BW... 3-0
C- (10/20) vs. ShG... 2-0
C- (10/27) vs. kRs... 0-2
C- (11/10) vs. EGO... 2-1
C- (11/17) vs. NBK... 1-3
C- (11/18) vs. EGO... 2-1
C- (11/24) vs. KTG... 0-2
C- (12/14) vs. 777... (friendly scrim) 2-1
C- (12/16) vs. iCo... 0-2

Battle Record:

17-6 Overall
17-5 Conquest
0-1 Rush


C= Conquest
R= Rush
CQC= Close Quarter Combat
AK= Armored Kill
N/S= No Show.
(C)= Cancelled
FS = Friendly Scrim
OtB = Off the Books
B/O = Bitched Out.
TBD = To Be Determined
* All clan battles are conducted on RANKED HARDCORE servers.
** Not counting Siene match in 8/10 DTHK battle.
*** There is a difference between cancelled and no show. Cancelled has a reason behind it. No show means you chickened out!! Dont waste our time!!
**** One clan leader of opposing clan in a CvC will be made a temporary server admin when battles take place on our servers. That will enable you to manage your team's rosters. We expect the same courtesy.


Will no longer pursue clan battles on BF3. Our numbers aren't there anymore. But they will be in the fall for BF4. For now, BF3 is a recruiting tool for BF4. Come find us, join us and let's get ready for BF4.


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