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The Forged Alliance is a band of unlikely brothers that work together on the battlefield. We're MAJOR conquest players. We prefer playing on maps where the ENTIRE team put's in a coordinated effort. We play a lot of team deathmatch and air superiority as well. Race or creed is irrelevant. We're always open to new recruits so long as you play to be an asset to our platoon and our team. We do training and practice matches every Friday and Saturday night. We're fun and friendly. We love talking shit to each other for fun. We don't appreciate Butt-hurt-shit-talkers. We also love to fuck around with explosives and campers. There isn't a trial needed to join our clan. If you can Hold L1 And R1 properly as well as being a good team player, then you're in.

Platoon leaders-

Mr-sandman234- (AKA BigDaddy)
J3llo-Man- (AKA BidPapaTodd)
Nodrog191- (AKA Gordon)

Pilots-Right now The clan is looking for VERY good jet Pilots and chopper pilots. Usually we run into a shit storm on the ground and call for a gun run or rocket strike. There aren't really any proven pilots on the team other than sandman. and Sandman can't do all the shooting when he has bogies all over his ass. So PILOTS WANTED!

Snipers- We are in Need of Good snipers and people that don't mind sitting around With a SOFLAM for a small while. Sandman loves a good sniper and The rest of the squad would heavily appreciate your ranged support. SNIPERS WANTED!

Explosives- 2nd battalion loves to tickle a tanks pickle, or plant some fireworks on enemy aircraft. We're looking for people that know how to have fun with their plastic explosives. Also someone that knows how to get around and to a tank when the need arises to blow that shit sky high, as well as getting off a chopper in enemy territory, and planting explosives on aircraft before time runs out.
EXPLOSIVE EXPERTS WANTED. (C4 Service star, recommended for show)

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