Brothers in Arms
Plaque: [BRIO] Fans: 20 Créé: 30-03-2012

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"We fight together, we die divided."

This platoon is open for everyone that wishes to join. From being a newbie to being a pro. We have weekly ESL matches.

Anyone that is a member of the platoon has the right to change his tag to 'BRIO' if he so desires to.

We also do training weekends from time to time, when our platoon members will fight eachother.

If you want to invite a friend of yours to the platoon, ask a 'leader' to invite him, or just tell him to hit the 'apply' button.

We nearly have rented our own platoon server.

ESL platoon = (a few problems with ESL not registering all members)

A good game for those that went at Gamescom this year.

-updates to come-

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