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Welcome to the Warriors of Metal.
This platoon plays as a team and wins as a team.
We respect our members and other platoons.
Feel free to add the leaders on here and as well as on the PSN.


- Team Player
- Mic
- Wear our Clan Tag
- Must PTFO
- Active

Leadership Requirements
- SPM of 450
- Great teammate
- Frequently Active
- Must get 5 of the leaders votes




- jorgensen0401
- xS1L3NT_B34STxX
- BlazingSensation
- BULLFACEmobjm115

Responsibilities of Leaders
- Training new members
- Setting up squads in the menus
- Bumping recruitment threads


Trainers/Squad Leaders
Alpha -- Infantry

Bravo -- Armor
- Bruce8293

Charlie -- Air Force
- xS1L3NT_B34STxX

Delta -- Drill Instructors
- KingFishyDaTurd


Recruitment Threads:
Platoon Servers
[WOM] Official Clan Server
[gwOp] Official Server

Feed section

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