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Platoon for all players of our servers.
Membership doesn't mean your a part of our clan and no tags are required.
All players on our servers are welcome to join our Free TS3 channels ts3server://
You can join directly from our website with the button on the left .
Full Clan status can be acquired by joining our site and making an application.
SaS #1 - 66 Slot Battlefield 4 Conquest / Rush
SaS #2 - 48 Slot Mixed Rush / Conquest
SaS #3 - 16 Slot Rush / Match Serverr
SaS #5 Private Match Server
Currently Down pending new GSP

Alll players are free to join our TS3 server

SaS is currently playing in the Euro Domination Hardcore ladders

We are all ways looking for more members, If you think you've got what it takes, let us know!


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